You know those edit in place plugins for jQuery? Well I couldn’t find any that met these two criteria:

  1. Work on elements not yet in the DOM
  2. Didn’t post anything to the server

Now the first requirement probably makes a lot of sense to you, but I bet you’re wondering about the second one. In these crazy mixed up times with rich HTML5 apps, I don’t want to post to the server often. Maybe I’m using local storage, or perhaps I just want to send a big heap of JSON now and again, but I definitely don’t want to post every time anyone changes the value of an editable field.

So after examining all the terrible options (classic first step when choosing jQuery plugins) I decided to throw my own terrible option into the mix.

(($) ->
  $.fn.liveEdit = () -> 'dblclick', () ->
      $this = $(this)
      return if $"input")
      textInput = $("<input/>",
        class: $this.attr("class")
        "data-origType": this.tagName
        id: if id = $this.attr("id") then id else null
        type: "text"
        value: $.trim($this.text())
      $this.replaceWith textInput
      textInput.focus().select() 'blur keydown', (event) ->
      if event.type == "keydown"
        return unless event.which == 13 || event.which == 9
      $this = $(this)
      return if $"removed")
      return unless $"input")
      $this.attr("data-removed", true)
      $this.replaceWith $("<" + $"origType") + " />",
        class: $this.attr("class")
        id: if id = $this.attr("id") then id else null
        text: $this.val()
    return this

There are two tricks here. The first is that this plugin is really a macro that makes two calls to live. The second is that the editable content keeps it’s same id and class when switched out to a text field, so as long as your selector is not based on the element type it will work. There’s plenty of room for improvements, but this is a super simple first step that meets my needs. Enjoy!

jQuery Plugin: TakeClass

This comes up all the time, you have an element, and you want to select it to be the sole active element from among it’s siblings. With jQuery that is simple enough:


Though it is not as simple as it can be and it also fails to chain well. The solution is a super simple jQuery plugin:

(($) ->
  $.fn.takeClass = (name) ->
    return this

Now you can really go nuts!


Optimizing JSDoc Toolkit for Large JS Files

Recently I was running into a problem with JSDock Toolkit where it would throw an error saying js: exception from uncaught JavaScript throw: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space.

The solution was to add the -s flag so that it would not try and generate a large, marked-up source file for viewing with the docs.

java -jar jsdoc-toolkit/jsrun.jar jsdoc-toolkit/app/run.js gamelib.js -d=docs -n -s

I also added the -n flag to prevent it from documenting methods that didn’t have comments, such as minified jQuery or Box2d, though this was irrelevant in preventing the js: exception from uncaught JavaScript throw: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space error.