Capistrano Rails: A group writable tmp directory

Maybe you’ve run into [out :: …] rm: cannot remove `/…/releases/20110221192810/tmp/restart.txt’: Permission denied

I did. The reason was because we were deploying with multiple users and when the tmp directory was being created it was not set to group writable.

Fortunately it is an easy fix, just add this into your cap deploy script:

after :deploy do
  run "chmod -R g+w #{release_path}/tmp"

Javascript String#constantize and String#parse – Useful Extensions 26 and 27

Here are two extensions to the String class that I’ve found quite useful. constantize and parse. They are in CoffeeScript because JavaScript fills me with a growing disgust.

String::constantize = () ->
  if this.match /[A-Z][A-z]*/
    eval("var that = #{this}")
String::parse = () ->
    return JSON.parse(this)
  catch e
    return this

constantize is based on the ActiveSupport method. It transforms a string that represents the name of a class into a reference to that class. It uses eval to accomplish this, but until JavaScript gets more extensive reflection capabilities it’s probably the best we can do.

Parse is a useful way to convert the string into a raw JavaScript type if possible, otherwise it returns just the string itself. For example if I have a string "false", "false".parse() will return the JavaScript value false. Likewise '{"a": 7}'.parse() will return a JavaScript object with a property a that has the value 7.

Pretty sweet.