Number#snap Useful JavaScript Game Extension #25

Well my friends, it’s been quite some time. So without further ado back to the series!

 * Returns the the nearest grid resolution less than or equal to the number. 
 *   EX: 
 *    (7).snap(8) => 0
 *    (4).snap(8) => 0
 *    (12).snap(8) => 8
 * @param {Number} resolution The grid resolution to snap to.
 * @returns The nearest multiple of resolution lower than the number.
 * @type Number
Number.prototype.snap = function(resolution) {
  return (this / resolution).floor() * resolution;

This handy method is useful for when you need to snap input to a grid (like in a tile editor).

I hope you enjoyed this installment of the wonderful 256 part series on JavaScript game extensions.

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