TextArea – The All-Purpose, All-Platform Editor

I finally took the plunge and switched to this simple, yet powerful new editor. The main reason for my change was the ubiquity of it. It is supported by every major browser, and on every major OS**, straight out of the box, with no modifications.

Cursor Navigation

Home Move cursor to beginning of line
End Move cursor to end of line
Up Move cursor up one line
Down Move cursor down one line
Left Move cursor one character left
Right Move cursor one character right


Backspace Delete selection or character behind the cursor if no selection
Delete Delete selection or character ahead of cursor if no selection
Ctrl+Backspace Delete previous word (useful for correcting typos)
Ctrl+Delete Delete next word
Ctrl+Shift+Backspace Delete from cursor to the beginning of the line
Ctrl+Shift+Delete Delete remainder of line

Useful Combos

Ctrl+Left Jump previous word
Ctrl+Right Jump next word
Ctrl+Shift+Right Select next word
Ctrl+Shift+Left Select previous word
Home, Shift+End, Delete Delete line

Mouse Tricks

Double Click Select word
Triple Click Select line


Shift Selection mode
Control Word jump mode

Try this amazing new editor for yourself!

Psst… It’s the comments box…

** Once Steve Jobs sorts out the goddam Command, Control, Option key debacle

Giving up on has_many_polymorphs bug after an hour

I remember reading about has_many_polymorphs a couple of years ago, then again last year. Each time around when I wanted some sort of polymorphic has_many :through. Each time I figured, “Eh, it’s just another couple of tables” or “I can just map them in a method in the model, there’s not that much data”. But this time I finally gave it a try.

First I got this error when using the gem with Rails 3: has_many_polymorphs/support_methods.rb:69:in `warn': wrong number of arguments (1 for 3) (ArgumentError). So I looked at the github network graph and found a branch that seemed to fix that.

That worked, but next I got this: Could not find a valid class for :collections_items (tried CollectionsItem). If it's namespaced, be sure to specify it as :"module/collections_items" instead. (ActiveRecord::Associations::PolymorphicError) What are they trying to do, pluralize post positive adjectives? My model is named CollectionItem, which seems sensible to me.

This time I try adding a :through option to set it straight.

  has_many :collection_items
  has_many_polymorphs :items, :through => :collection_items, :from => [:sprites, :collections]

Now I get the following amazing error message:

has_many_polymorphs/class_methods.rb:441:in `create_has_many_through_associations_for_children_to_parent': You can't have a self-referential polymorphic has_many :through without renaming the non-polymorphic foreign key in the join model. (ActiveRecord::Associations::PolymorphicError)

This probably makes sense to everyone except me, but I’ve got to work with the skills I’m given.

What I’d really like is for polymorphic has_many :through to ‘just work'(TM).

Something kind of EXACTLY LIKE this:

class CollectionItem < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :collection
  belongs_to :item, :polymorphic => true
class Collection < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :user
  has_many :collection_items
  has_many :items, :through => :collection_items

Why is that so hard? No one will ever know…

So I did what I always do:

class Collection < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :user
  has_many :collection_items
  def items

After all, there’s not that much data anyway…