2 thoughts on “Amazing User Created Still Life

  1. Hi! I just made an eye on pixie… but i forgot to login first. How do i claim it?
    And i would like to use it as avatar.

    Btw pixie is actually very easy to use 🙂
    I’m a developer too and would like to chat with you someday, do you have an IM?


  2. Hi Rothie,

    To use an image created in Pixie as an avatar in game go to: http://app.strd6.com/creation/images/tag and add the “avatar” tag to the image you want to use.

    I don’t have an interface for claiming images yet, but I could manually link it to your account. You’ll need to email me your account id or referral code for me to link it up. The id is the last part of the URL when you view your account.

    Your eye image is cool and I’m glad you had fun using Pixie. You can email me at yahivin@gmail.com, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

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