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So, better late than never I guess… I’ve been Ruby Quizmaster for about two months now.

The Ruby Quiz site is at This is the third incarnation of Ruby Quiz, a weekly quiz that let’s you put your Ruby skills to the test. The first quiz was started by James Edward Grey II, there was also a book Best of Ruby Quiz (Pragmatic Programmers).

Great for keeping your skills of a programmer sharp! Also, there is a submission form for ideas. Please do submit ideas, I’m running out! The more to choose from, the better the quizzes!

Temptation + Convenience = Misdemeanor

My home-boy A-Tang was recently in a car driving back from a party. He asked his friends if he should yell “Boners 5-0” out the window at a policeman who had pulled someone over. The consensus was that he obviously should.

A-Tang: Boners 5-0!

** Lights + Siren **

[Pulled over]

Policecop: I heard someone yell something out the window, do you require any assistance?

Partygoer: Uhh… no officer, we’re all fine here.

Policecop: Well I see you’re missing your seatbelt, that’s a ticket. Do you have your license and registration?

Drivey-Tang: Sorry, I don’t have my license with me…

Policecop: That’s another ticket. [To A-Tang] Are you happy? You just got your friend two tickets.

This story illustrates a point. Regardless if something is a good idea or not, if it is convenient to do and it might be a good idea then it is much more likely to be done than something that is difficult and definitely a good idea. For context check out The Easiest Way to Change People’s Behavior.

This applies a lot to personal habits. Anything within arms distance should be good for you. Tired of always eating a ton of chips and soda? Move them into the garage. Getting distracted by things nearby? Move to a different room or location where distractions are further away.

Here’s the kicker though: being a knowledge worker who needs to use the internet for most tasks distractions are always within arms reach. There might be some programs out there that move the most distracting and least productive parts of the internet away and if so they are probably of some value. Self-restraint will also help, but for maximal productivity it takes more than just that. Other solutions: Put on a business hat when doing business and a party hat when just surfing the net, designate certain computers/locations for work or play and keep them separate; your brain will figure it out if you are consistent. Adding a physical component to the context switch will put it out of arms reach.

Test First: The only way to personally achieve black box testing

Writing tests first is your only opportunity as a developer to black-box test your own code. If you write tests after you write the code then you are too familiar with it’s workings to do successful black-box testing. This doesn’t matter so much in a larger team where you have designated QA and can get other developers to write tests for your code (or in La-La Land as it is called). If you are a solo developer or on a real team where everyone else has their own problems and everyone can barely find time to eat then test first is your only opportunity to black-box test.

Sure, maybe if you’re the best developer in the world your code can’t be improved by testing or otherwise. Maybe if you’re not the best developer your code can’t be improved either, but in the same sense that the Home Improvement boardgame can’t be improved, not a good position to be in.

So don’t listen to Joel and Jeff, well I mean, do listen… and they’ll probably be first to agree that you need to do your own research and find what works for you and not take anything on either side of the argument as gospel.

Using GreasyThug to Answer a Greasemonkey Question

On StackOverflow a user asked: How can I create an object of a class which defined in the remote page?

The page includes code like this (which I entered into Firebug):

function foo(){ = 0; }

Then I verified that it could be read from Greasemonkey with the GreasyThug console by the following expression:

_foo =;
x = new _foo();
Debugging with GreasyThug

Debugging with GreasyThug

This caused a “Not enough arguments” error, whatever the hell that is. Not quite the poster’s actual error. What if we added an argument? “Illegal Value” Bingo! Replicated the issue. Now to solve it.

Let’s try and migrate the function over into the Greasemonkey script zone.

_foo = eval('(' + + ')')
=> function foo(){ = 0; }

That’s the ticket! Now to instantiate and verify:

The magic of a debugging thug
The magic of a debugging thug

Ship it! Holla!

Two Column Google Greasemonkey Script

I remember installing a userscript that would display Google search results in two columns in days of yore. Then one day it stopped working. All the other Google userscripts were massive customize everything about Google ever. I just want two columns homie, and favicons, but I’ve already got the FF plugin for that.

So here it is, the amazing remake that is as good as the original… Two Column Google, nothing fancy, just two columns.

Display Google search results in two columns

Display Google search results in two columns